NAP SACC Program

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What is NAP SACC?

NAP SACC is Nutrition and Physical Activity Self-Paced Assessment for Child Care.

NAP SACC is a provider-based program that is implemented in child care centers. The program is designed to promote healthy weight development in preschool children by improving the nutritional quality of food served, amount and quality of physical activity, staff-child interactions, facility nutrition and physical activity policies and practices, and related environmental characteristics.

NAP SACC includes a 5-step intervention to help facilitate gradual change and promote continuous quality improvement:

  • Self-assessment
  • Goal setting and action planning
  • Continuing education for child care providers
  • Technical assistance and consultation
  • Follow-up and reinforcement

NAP SACC is funded by First 5 Riverside and is a collaboration between UC Riverside Extension Early Care Education and Development, Riverside County Department of Public Health Nutrition and Health Promotion Branch, and the Riverside County Child Care Consortium.

UC Riverside Extension's Role

Our role in NAP SACC is to facilitate trainings to Riverside County child care centers and family child care homes, and provide them with a thorough presentation of the program. Once a child care center or family child care home completes the training, they will be assessed by Riverside County Department of Public Health to determine whether their individual program has a viable plan in place to provide healthy learning curriculum for children and their families. If successful, they will become NAP SACC certified.

Why Participate?

Childhood obesity is on the rise in Riverside County and child care providers can make a difference! Increasing healthy food choices and physical activity helps children set lifelong healthy patterns. One quarter of children ages 2-5 are overweight or obese and three quarters of children ages 3-6 years are in daycare. These children eat up to three meals and snacks per day and experience most of their daily physical activity in daycare settings.

The NAP SACC consultants provide useful resources, nutrition and physical activity materials and will guide you through the process. Parents will be looking for "NAP SACC certified" sites in the near future.

Who is eligible to participate?

All child care centers and family child care homes in Riverside County.

Collaborative Partners

  • First 5 Riverside
  • Riverside County Department of Public Health Nutrition and Health Promotion Branch
  • Riverside County Child Care Consortium




  • ChoseMyPlate
  • USDA Food and Nutrition Service - Team Nutrition
  • Downloadable Cookbook for Child Care

Nutrition and Physical Activity

  • Let's Move Childcare
  • Healthy and Active Preschoolers

Physical Activity

  • Spark: Early Childhood Curriculum
  • Let's Go
  • National Center for Physical Development and Outdoor Play
  • Kid-Fit
For questions regarding NAP SACC, please contact:
Margi Wild
(951) 827.5995

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