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First 5 Riverside CARES Plus is a program of professional support that provides incentive stipends to eligible early care and education professionals. Research shows that children have a fundamental need for positive, sensitive relationships with their caregivers.

CARES Plus was created with the sole purpose of improving early care and education professionals' practice and effectiveness with their interactions with children ages 0 to 5. Ultimately, the goal is to enhance early learning programs by focusing on increasing the quality, effectiveness, and retention of early care and education professionals in an effort to improve our young children's learning and development outcomes.

Eligibility Guidelines

  • Provide child care in Riverside County.
  • Work a minimum of 15 hours per week in a licensed or license-exempt facility with children from birth to 5 years of age (center-based or family child care home).
  • Earn less than $60,000 (gross) per year.

How it Works

In order to work toward a CARES Plus stipend, participants must complete the CORE requirements and be working towards a degree in Child Development, or towards advancing their Child Development Permit level. Participants can enroll in Component B (if no B.A. / B.S. degree), Component C (must have B.A./B.S. degree), or Component D (My Teaching Partner). Additionally, participants have the option of working concurrently in Component A if desired, but will not receive a stipend for this Component until all the requirements for Components B, C or D have been met.

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